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Up City Adventures Athasian Photography Site History

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Section First Posted Updated
Athasian Kenku Critters Dec 8 Dec 22
Kenku Wisdom (by Will) SchoolOfSpies Dec 8
House Race and Stats Downloads March 1 Dec 1
City State of Urik City Adventures Dec 1
Figurines Section Skanky Kank Sep 10
WYFTY—Half-Giants Skanky Kank Sep 5
WYFTY—Elemental Priests Skanky Kank Sep 5
What Your Father Told You Skanky Kank Sep 1
Skanky Kank Section Skanky Kank Sep 1
Wisdom of Despair SchoolOfSpies June 29
Wisdom of Terror SchoolOfSpies June 29
Kurn Maps and Section City Adventures June 29
Eldaarich Maps and Section City Adventures June 29
Athasian Unicorn Braxland June 29
Letter to Prodigy (by Anonymous) SchoolOfSpies May 13
Kurn Documents subsection SchoolOfSpies May 13
Elven Wisdom (by Neeva) SchoolOfSpies April 6
Clairsentient Powers House Rules April 2
House Principles House Rules April 1
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House Rogues House Rules March 1
Downloads Page Downloads March 1
Athasian Religion SchoolOfSpies Feb 23
Tyrian Adventures City Adventures (1998)

Feb 17

Psionic Powers House Rules Feb 16

Feb 23

High Sciences House Rules Feb 16
Kinetic Devotions House Rules Feb 16
House Priests section House Rules Feb 11
House Races House Rules Feb 11
Kinetic Sciences House Rules Feb 10
House Warriors House Rules Feb 4
Search Form Search Jan 29
This History Form Jan 29, 1997

Up City Adventures Athasian Photography Site History