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City adventures have been my favorite for years, and Dark Sun is the place for city adventures!  They are the hardest to prepare for at first, but once you run one or two, they almost write themselves, as your villains and NPCs get fleshed out, as your PCs make friends, enemies, and and schemes of their own. Each city linked at the left contains city maps, area maps, original adventures tied to the city area, and/or references to official published and online adventures tied to the city area. More forthcoming, Kalak willing!

Key books for any Athasian City campaign: 

  1. The Complete Book of Villains (contains some Dark Sun storyline and villain examples, but most valued for its formula for villain-driven adventures).
  2. Dune Trader (believe it or not, even such details as the prices of commodities can be the source of conflict and adventure!)
  3. City State of Tyr.

Honorable mention:

Elves of Athas.

Hope you don't mind my latest re-structure — with all the new cities being added here (Draj is coming soon), I decided that Braxland was taking too long to download, and decided to send the whole thing another level deep. Note that I have added more of Dave's work on Urik.