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Since we do not all live on the web, I provide this no-frills download of images and rtfs. If TSR feels that I am overstretching their generous permission to share suggested rules updates with other DS fans, please let me know.

City Adventures Athasian Photography Site History

About three years ago, TSR gave me permission to distribute house patches to the psionic rules and Dark Sun adaptations of S&P, Sp&M, and C&T rules, as long as I keep it within the MPGN-Dark-Sun group. I found that I REALLY cannot do this by email, so I must ask you to not share these files with others outside the group -- this is TSR copyrighted material, and they have been generous to allow us to manipulate and share it.

Brax House Stats

Brax House Races

Brax House Traits

Brax Psionics Primer

These ones are great new PDF work by Eric! --

House Clairsentience  
House Psychokinesis  
House Psychometabolism  
House Psychoportation  
House Telepathy

Some of Eric's work:


downloads/Comprehensive Spell list.pdf

City Adventures Athasian Photography Site History