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Supplements: City-State of Tyr, Wanderer's Journal, City Map with original Box Set, Wanderer's Chronicle, Veiled Alliance.

Also detailed nicely in Denning's Verdant Passage, and some good development in some of Simon Hawke's series.

Adventures: Freedom, Road to Urik, Dragon's Crown, Forest Maker, plus:

"Opportunities in Chaos" (AKA "Granj's Ward), a brief adventure that occurs immediately after Kalak's Death.  It is written as a sequel to the "Freedom" adventure. A Spanish translation (by Mouser) is also available on the CDN site.

"Hostile Takeover", a DM-Point-of-View of a political mystery adventure that I designed and ran a few years ago.  It is written to occur in Free Year 3, during the events of Denning's "The Amber Enchantress." Since this novel leaves Tythian indisposed, and  Agis, Sadira, and Rikkus out of town for a few months ... so I thought there was place for a serious political shakeup to occur "meanwhile, back at the ranch." 

Unfortunately I have lost the pages of post-script notes that I used to have on this adventure.  If anyone has them, I would appreciate them!

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