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Kurn was first alluded to in the original Wanderer's Journal (but not by name) and given a short but campaign-overhauling description in the WC.  I have developed Oronis' goals and strategy extensively in my Kurn documents, especially my Kurn Spy manual in the School of Spies section.  This update introduces two maps of the city of Kurn: The whole city, and Kurn's foreign quarter.  Also new: the Athasian Unicorn.

DM's Guide to the Lands of Kurn


One of two capitals of Oronis' land. (The other capital, New Kurn, is not detailed in my work, since it is doubtful that the PCs will discover, or even hear of it.)  Natives of Kurn are called Kurns.  NO ONE in Kurn refers to the city as "Old Kurn", since most Kurns have never heard of New Kurn, and those who do know will die to keep the secret.

Who Rules

From the view of foreigners, Oronis rules.  He does in fact rule the foreign quarter through his Herald templars, and also controls the city walls, military, and outer forts.

Who Really Rules

The 21 members of the Tribunal, an elected group of lawmakers, and the Presider.  Kurn is broken into Noble Houses and guilds or "Claves" of artisans. Each clave elects its own chief.  Each year, the chiefs elect three Tribunes, each of which serves for seven years. The Tribunal body in turn elects a Presider, who governs for eleven years.  No tribune nor presider is permitted to serve consecutive terms.

The 21 Tribunes write and change the laws of Kurn, appoint judges, and stand as an ultimate court.  Only capital cases can be appealed to the King. The Presider presides over the tribunal, but only votes if there is a stalemate vote.



8000 ; (race — 90% human, 5% dwarves, 4% Aarakokran, 1% Elves, less than 1% Halflings, Half-elves, Half-giants, Muls, Ssurrans, Thri-Kreen); (class — 75% Artisans/Commoners, 10% Templars, 5% Slaves, 5% Nobles, 5% Foreign Residents, Merchants, and Transients).  

New Kurn

9000 ; (Distribution unknown)

Outer Lands of Kurn

10000 (race — 80% human, 10% dwarves, 4% Aarakokran, 5% Elves, less than 1% Halflings, Half-elves, Half-giants, Muls, Ssurrans, Thri-Kreen); (class — 50% Artisans/Commoners, 5% Templars, 35% Slaves, 10% Nobles).  


A wasp guarding its nest.



Armed Forces

Availability of Equipment

Notable Mages

Notable Mindbender

Notable Temples

Notable Organizations 

Notable Buildings

Notable Merchant Houses

Important Characters

Important Features in Kurn and surrounding lands

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