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Kurn Foreign Quarter

1. The Foreign Gate.

The Foreign Gate, like the rest of the Foreign Quarter, is about 200' lower than the level of the ground around it. Travelers enter Kurn through a massive quarry.  The gate itself stands through the legs of an enormous statue of Oronis.  Four large mekillots could pass abreast through the gates.  The line to the gate moves excruciatingly slowly, but the Foreign Gate is open all hours of the day and night.  As the characters stand in line, Kurn children walk up and down the line, briefly explaining the taxation rules of Kurn to foreigners.  


2. The Tax Pavilion

The grey-clad heralds of Oronis lead one group at a time into this pavilion.  The wall, gate, and the three taxing buildings to the North, North-West, and West  are all cut directly from the stone of the cliff.  The buildings tower 100' above the pavilion; the wall, 200'.  Great figures are cut in stone relief into the tower walls.  Standing in the pavilion, one feels very small.

The Heralds demand to know immediately who in the group is a master, a freeman, a servant, or a slave. If the characters do not answer this simple question immediately, then the templars will regard them as deceivers, and will take their time to make sure the taxation process is particularly thorough. The taxation process requires that the characters make clear which servants and slaves belong to which master.  The heralds do not use any sort of lie detection magic to ascertain this.  As far as they are concerned, anyone who claims to be free is free.

Once the characters have made this clear, each freeman, and each set of master / servants/ slaves / equipment /carts / and animals, is taken to a large, separate rooms in one of the three taxing buildings.

3. The Taxing Buildings

These large buildings are filled with rooms for taxing, and for the various bureaucratic matters of the heralds.  The central building includes a massive vaulted room, designed for taxing a large caravan of mekillot wagons.  The heralds seem tireless, and wait patiently for the characters to arrange their matters for taxation.  

4. The Southern Wall

This wall looms over a hundred feet over the Foreign Quarter, although the western and northern quarters of the city slope upward until the wall is less than thirty feet above the city.  The ground south of the wall is also only sixty feet below the top of the wall, The most secure templar storehouses in the city are built into the Southern wall.  From one balcony in the lower wall, the heralds run weekly auctions in the Auction Square.  Foreigners who have not mastered the tax process frequently end up purchasing their own goods back in these auctions.  

On top of the wall, the city militia drills and practices city defense maneuvers. 

5. The Eastern Wall

This wall contains the herald stores and courts.  


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